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Pensacola Beach Welcomes Memorial Visitors, Beach Festivities Receive Permit for May 27-30

Escambia County welcomes visitors to Pensacola Beach for Memorial Day Weekend! New to Pensacola Beach is a "Leave No Trace Behind" ordinance passed in August 2015. Simply put, it means you cannot leave personal property unattended on the beach after sunset. The ordinance is common in coastal communities as a way to help reduce litter and to make beaches sea turtle-friendly.

A special event permit has been granted to Johnny Chisholm for this year’s LGBT beach festivities, allowing personal items in the special event area to be left on the beach unattended overnight from Friday, May 27 until Monday, May 30 in the following designated areas only: between beach walkover 28A (look for the dog park sign) to approximately ¼ mile east of beach walkover 29D. Overnight camping and campfires are not permitted.

The Santa Rosa Island Authority and Escambia County will continue to focus on educating all our visitors on our new policies, and only warnings will be issued during Memorial Weekend.

"We ask that when you leave Pensacola Beach to return home, please be sure to 'Leave No Trace':

> Fill in any holes in the sand and knock down sand sculptures to remove obstacles blocking sea turtles’ nesting activities.

> Properly dispose of trash and discarded gear. Sea turtles can become entangled in old fishing nets and lines or ingest plastic bags and wrappers, mistaking them for jellyfish.

> Remove all personal belongings from the beach. If you are unable to take the items with you, please use one of the six roll-away dumpsters provided by Escambia County.

It is imperative that when visiting Pensacola Beach, you pick up all trash and leave our beaches in their natural beautiful state. Enjoy our beaches, have a great time and please leave only your footprints!" #ambushmag #theofficialdish #gaypensacola

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